Auto CPR – A Better Choice in Saving Life
Auto CPR is a better choice to administer resuscitation in lifesaving situations because it is safer for the caregiver than performing the CPR manually. In addition, the survival rate of the patient is higher as continuous CPR can be administered while waiting for the emergency service to transfer
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14 January 2021

Today, technology advancement has made possible the automation of systems, like in the heart’s resuscitation in lifesaving situations.  As not many people are aware of Auto CPR, we will explain its advantages. 


Typically, CPR requires another person to provide rapid chest compressions to the patient at a rate of more than 100 times a minute, while others may need an hour or more. Before emergency services arrive to assist or transport the patient to the hospital, continuous CPR must be administered to revive a patient.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, performing CPR is a higher risk to healthcare providers in contracting the virus. While CPR is being performed, the action may possibly force the virus out of a patient’s lungs. In such cases, Auto CPR is the best option to minimise exposure to the virus while maintaining steady constant chest compressions to the patient. Unlike the manual process of CPR, the Auto CPR system provides frontal chest compression with the patient supported by a back board with side locks providing steady constant chest compressions without endangering the caregiver.


Dr. Akawat Sripoomsawat at the Emergency Medicine Department of Loei Hospital in Thailand pointed out that Auto CPR is considered the best option and standard of care should the patient need CPR.  Especially with the hospital limiting the number of personnel directly handling patients suffering from cardiac and respiratory problems.


Dr. Akawat also believes that the Auto-CPR should be a basic instrument in every hospital in Thailand. It will increase the survival rate of patients experiencing cardiac distress.


The Marcom team from idsMED Thailand has made this important information available to broadcast on national TV, Mcot Channel.

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